Lean Sigma Institute is pleased to announce the Lean Practitioner Course is being run in Association with LaTrobe University.

August 2019

Lean Practitioner Training Course Aug 19, Lean Sigma Institute and LaTrobe University

Lean Practitioner Course

Lean Sigma Institute in association with LaTrobe University

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Dr Roger Hilton has delivered courses at both graduate and undergraduate levels across many Universities. 

Roger is on the Advisory Board at LaTrobe University and provides graduate teaching for Business Analysis Modelling at MBA level. 


Lean Sigma Institute share combined experience and knowledge to educate, motivate and work along side your staff to achieve the best business outcome possible. We combine the power of explicit and implicit organisational and individual knowledge.


Lean Sigma Institute is the only training provider in Australia that delivers training and competency assessment that is compliant to the new international standard in Lean Six Sigma, ISO18404.

The Team

Meet Our Team

Dr. Roger Hilton

Dr. Roger Hilton

Quality improvement and emotional intelligence for effective change ..

Steve J Perera - Director, Lean Sigma Institute

Steve J Perera

Director, Lean Sigma Institute
Steve J. Perera

Steve is a skilled strategist providing insightful leadership ..


What Our Clients Say

highly engaging .. clearly displayed a breadth and depth of  'real world knowledge' 

Roger has been .. invaluable in identifying areas for improvement, and opportunities  ..

.. experience was invaluable ... learning environment that was easy to understand and enjoyable..