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Lean Sigma Institute Credentials - Six Sigma Training, CI Consulting

Innovation through Applied Research

We know most organizations in Australia have a vision both to consistently deliver efficient and effective services across all areas and to achieve optimum business outcomes. Our research tells us that successful organizations adopt sustainable continuous improvement practices by:

  • Leadership focus - Developing and deploying strong leaders at all levels
  • Growing capability - Developing the talent and skills of key people in the business and enabling a workforce that is well versed and competent in all facets of continuous improvement
  • Fresh thinking - Applying innovative solutions using the team and listening to voices of the customer and the business
  • Data quality - Ensuring high quality data is collected, made accessible and linked across all IT platforms, leading to good management information, then driving deep understanding and excellent decision making
  • Technology integration - Integrating rapidly changing technology across all platforms and overlaying the latest technology with smart exploratory statistical analysis
  • Robust frameworks - Creating advanced operational, strategic and governance focused frameworks that uncover the trends of the future as well as learning from the performance of the past
  • Professional thinking - Professionally managing the business to build trust, teamwork and long-term success
  • Change resilience - Being ready to embrace continual, significant change to ensure legacy systems and processes are upgraded easily and behaviours that do not serve the organisation are identified and changed to a culture that includes high performing teams and an open and trusting communication flow.
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Who We Are

Experienced and Qualified Mentors, Facilitators, Consultants and Trainers.

We Assist Organizations Achieve World Class Levels of Operational Performance.

Broad-based Training

LSI provides the whole range of improvement support, consulting, training and facilitation, to for the personnel in your organisation.

For the potential “Change Drivers” in your organisation we provide advanced improvement skills training in Lean Six Sigma to Master Black, Black, Green and Yellow Belt levels to achieve internationally recognized registration as Professional Practitioners. Included now are qualifications for Lean Practitioner, Lean Leader and Lean Expert.

However, training is not sufficient for an organization to actually achieve World Class levels of performance. There are often internal barriers and limitations that hinder organisations, making them “under-achievers”. Training and education needs to be carried out within a context of monitored performance that can identify these barriers and deal with them. See A Model for Strategic Implementation of Continual Improvement.

Our background as practitioners, managers and consultants assists us in the role as trainers and facilitators of performance improvement in your organization.

Benefits for the Participants

Successful trainees gain nationally recognized Certificates of competence based on demonstrating their ability to achieve improvement in the workplace.

Benefits for the Organisation

Improvement projects that deliver bottom line value and a skilled, motivated, World Class workforce.

Our approach

Our approach is based on an understanding of your operation so that not only does the training suit your needs but it achieves real improvement benefits and establishes a base for continual improvement into the future.

Our Vision

Long term sustainability for our customers

Our Record

We have developed and delivered training to many tens of businesses and over several thousand individuals in Australia and overseas.


Companies We Have Worked For

Energy & Utilities

  • Jemena
  • Shell Lubricants (Australia)
  • ActewAGL – Water Div.
  • Mascot International
  • Brisbane Water

Public Sector

  • Attorney General’s Department
  • Logan City Council
  • Veteran's Affairs

Pharmaceuticals & Food

  • THINK Pharmacies
  • MPS
  • Heinz 
  • Scotchman’s Hill Winery
  • Edlyn Foods
  • Davies Bakery
  • Fosters

Auto Industry

  • PPG
  • Air Radiators
  • Volvo Trucks
  • AA Gaskets
  • Sneddon & Kingston Plastics
  • Dolphin Products
  • Melba Industries
  • Hook Plastics
  • FTP
  • PRP Industries
  • Purgon Engineering

Metals Industry

  • Alcoa
  • One Steel
  • Smorgon Steel Sheet Metal Supplies
  • Fielders
  • Thornton Engineering
  • NDA
  • Atex Steel
  • Britex
  • Nida Engineering
  • Bradken
  • LaserPlus


  • EML
  • Bioskills
  • Southern Dental Industries (SDI)


  • Kangan Batman TAFE
  • Gordon Institute of TAFE
  • Swinburn TAFE
  • RMIT University
  • Monash University
  • Northern Territory University
  • Skillup Australia
  • ITS

IT& Communications

  • IBM
  • InfoTrak

Project / Engineering

  • ICT
  • Centreline Automation
  • Pinches Industries
  • Magnetic Autocontrol


  • Computershare
  • Calliden Insurance
  • Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman
  • Cuscal
  • ESSSuper


  • Australia Post
  • Smartfleet
  • Ilford Imaging
  • RACV
  • BAE Systems
  • Yardmark
  • Dreamhaven Glass
  • Hilustre
  • Multicoat
  • Wyncorp
  • Geelong Galvanising


  • Dow Chemicals
  • 3M
  • PPG
  • LyondellBasell Australia (Polypropylene)
  • CIBA Specialty Chemicals
  • M Brobribb (Battery Chargers & CP Equipment)
  • Godfrey Hirst (Carpets)
  • Unique Modular Buildings
  • Kelly & Windsor
  • IXL
  • Australian Vinyls
  • Wentworth Furniture
  • Paton Industries
  • Nicolas Dattner Furniture
  • SNF
  • CMTP
  • GlassMetal Industries
  • Megabolt
  • Swade-SIR (Machinery)
  • Burn Brite Lights
  • Draffin Engineering
  • Marshall Pines
  • RAPP Australia
  • Care Essentials
  • EMU Boots
  • Worthington Industries
  • William Brooks Printing
  • Ardex Australia
  • Windsor Caravans
  • Ormiston Rubber
  • Altro Engineering
  • Kinetic Engineering
  • Heldon Products
  • Enzie Stairs

Lean Six Sigma

Building Competencies Personally and for the Organisation creates harmony and a common interest in achieving sustainable outcomes that impact all stakeholders.

What We Do

Lean Six Sigma Training

Continuous Improvement Consulting

Academic Course Design and Facilitation

Strategy - Design Thinking, Acquisition, Sourcing, 


Why Partner With Lean Sigma Institute

Experience  in facilitating change across many disciplines

Specialists in making improvements stick across all industry sectors

Knowledge that benefits your Projects will cover your investment many times over.

Work with the Board, middle management and operator level for consistency.



Contact Lean Sigma Insitute for a free discussion and details of our Professional Development Programmes.