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Engaged Leadership

Engaged Leadership - Dr. Roger Hilton contributed Chapter 14

Transforming through Future-Oriented Design Thinking

Editors: Marques, Joan, Dhiman, Satinder (Eds.)

Examines leadership from individual, organizational and global perspectives.

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Academic Calendar

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Research on Lean Six Sigma

Lean Sigma Institute - Lean Six Sigma Research

There are many peered reviewed articles on Lean Six Sigma and also many practitioner publications. The principals of Lean Sigma Institute have been active in academic research over the last decade and have published papers in peer reviewed journals. The essence of our research is to identify factors that are critical to the successful deployment of Lean Six Sigma.

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Lean Sigma Institute - Research

Continuing Professional Development: Latest Research, Case Studies & Regular Round-table Workshops. Meet up Group. 

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Recommended Books

Lean Sigma Institute - Recommended Books to Read

Lean Sigma Institute provides the attached text as a reference guide for those registering for a Yellow Belt

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Taking the RPA Pulse in Australia

Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence Conference 2017

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises

I recently attended the dual conference on ‘Robotic Process Automation’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises’ held in Melbourne.  Presentations were held concurrently in both streams, and attendees could choose where their  interest lay at any time. This report primarily follows the RPA stream, and is reflective of presentations, round tables, and discussions held with attendees who came from all over the country.  Despite being the relative newcomer on the block RPA technology is clearly being  employed more widely than AI. However the two technologies are complementing each other in some  organisations with RPA doing data crunching to facilitate intelligent analysis.

Many of the early adopter organisations have now been employing RPA technology for 12 months or more. These organisations have established centralised process automation groups who are developing increasingly expert staff and capability. Banks, Financial Services, Utilities and Insurance companies were reporting the most uptake, reflecting their legacy system infrastructure and over capacity IT departments.

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ISO 18404 Debate Part 2

Lean Sigma Insitute - ISO 18404 Debate - 15 March 2018 - Part 2 - Barry Davies CSL Security Discusses Deployment of ISO 18404 Standard.

ISO 18404 Debate Part 3

Lean Sigma Insitute - ISO 18404 Debate - 15 March 2018 - Part 3 - General Disscusion on the Deployment of ISO 18404 Standard.

ISO 18404 Debate Part 4 a

Lean Sigma Insitute - ISO 18404 Debate - 15 March 2018 - Part 4a - General Discussion Deployment of ISO 18404 Standard.