Coaching and Facilitation

Quality Systems Auditing

Independent Quality Auditing Service that Meets the ISO9001 Standard.

Our Principals at Lean Sigma Institute have had significant experience in quality systems auditing.

The auditing approach is based on some of the requirements of the Automotive Quality Standard (TS16949) in that it uses “Turtle Diagrams” as process maps for all key audit system processes.

The cost of this service depends on the company requirements.

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Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Strategic Analysis Using Data Analytics to Build Competence

Lean Sigma Institute (LSI) specializes in facilitating the establishment of sustainable continuous improvement in organisations. Our approach uses a method from a strategic analysis of the business using Data Analytics through a Governance process which prioritises projects an the Operational level.

Developing competence through training of staff at different levels both in technical and interpersonal aspects whilst critical and fundamental is not sufficient. A governance structure, an effective quality system, project management strategies and aligned processes with performance measures are also needed to maintain standards, focus and effectiveness so that continuous improvement can become part of your company's culture. 

Master black belt for hire

Lean Sigma Institute offers this service using the expertise of Roger Hilton who has had significant experience in DMAIC project work and facilitating deployments of Lean Six Sigma.He has also been active in research in Lean Six Sigma and has a clear understanding of what are the factors in ensuring a sustainable deployment of Lean Six Sigma.

Roger’s background has been with a first tier supplier in the automotive supply chain and also has spent several years in risk management and academia. He is strong at statistical exploratory analysis and influencing others to get the job done. 

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The first hour is free. This can be over the phone or at your premises if they are in Melbourne.

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Coaching in Statistical Analysis

A key part of the success of solving problems using DMAIC is the collection, measurement and analysis of data.

Exploring data is the first step in analysis. Exploratory data analysis is critical component of statistical analysis since there is no hard and fast rules about which tool is appropriate during the DMAIC phases.

Lean Sigma Institute will coach project leaders and team members in exploratory data analysis.

There is no additional cost for this service over and above the relevant training fee.

Roger is available to assist in project coaching.

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Coaching on Projects

An important part of the training in Lean Six Sigma is the project.  Projects use the DMAIC methodology which uses Toll Gates to ensure the project is on track and all stakeholders are aware of the outcomes.

Lean Sigma Institute offers a coaching service to the project leader to support the team and ensure all the correct tools are used.

There is no additional cost for this service over and above the relevant training fee.

All the Lean Sigma Institute’s principals are available to assist in project coaching.

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Free Consult

Lean 6  Sigma - 1 Hour free consulting tailored to your needs

Lean Sigma Institute principals are pleased to offer one hour’s free consulting over the phone or one site if your workplace is in Melbourne.If you are thinking of deploying Lean Six Sigma or continuous improvement generally our wide practical and research experience in LSS deployment will allow you to fast track on your deployment.Getting in right up front with the appropriate factors that are critical to a successful deployment is very important and can save you many man- hours and considerable costs.

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