Key reasons for choosing LSI

Why Choose Lean Sigma Institute As Your Partner In Sustainable Continuous Improvement?

Our trainers all have 20+ years of experience in improving businesses as managers and consultants as well as being expert facilitators and trainers. We have worked with a great many companies in a wide range of industries.

Certificate Program

Lean Sigma Institute's unique approach integrating government funded Certificate Training with the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

The Certificate program is made up of a number of Units of competence. These are often taught as isolated pieces of knowledge that may or may not be seen by the participants as relevant to their particular operational problems.

Integrated Approach

Our approach integrates these units as tools in the overall project management model, the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology (Define – Measure – Analyse – Improve – Control).


This gives you a number of advantages. Trainees learn a project methodology that they can apply in projects large and small.


It has a number of benefits. It emphasizes basing decisions on data, a core principle in both Lean Six Sigma and ISO Quality Management Systems.

It emphasizes making improvement sustainable, as in the Control phase in a Lean Six Sigma project.

Everyone learns a common language of improvement.

The training establishes a shared way of speaking about improvement and improvement projects that is understood by all management and staff. This helps you build a common culture of continuous improvement and encourages people to be involved.

Link Management And Staff

Our training programs link management and staff in a strategy to develop a continuous improvement culture.

Successfully establishing a culture of sustainable continuous improvement involves people at all levels of the organisation. We prefer it when managers are involved. It promotes a sense of community and means that everyone absorbs a common language for improvement.

Project Examples

Re-organising paperwork in an import / export process reduced working capital by $500,000; 50% improvement in productivity of a bottling line; Improved reliability in an inspection process created potential savings of $1m+.

See Pathways to Sustainable Continuous Improvement.

Advanced Training For Managers And Leaders

We provide advanced statistical and quality training for managers and leaders that builds on the training to develop competence to carry out major improvements

Lean Sigma Institute principals have been providing advanced training in Lean Six Sigma at Green and Black Belt levels for 10 years. We also offer services in statistical consulting, and Black Belt for hire to help deal with problems where especially advanced knowledge and skills are needed.

As stated above, we also integrate advanced training in Lean Six Sigma to the managers and leaders of your organisation with the national certificate training programs for staff.

Our principals are all experienced in quality management and are certified quality management systems auditors with experience in designing and building these systems for small and large companies.

World Class Performance

We assist you in building an improvement infra-structure to manage your journey to world class performance

Lean Sigma Institute has experience from world’s best companies such as Dow Chemical, in establishing the infrastructure for identifying and managing improvement across the business.

Continuous improvement needs to be integrated into an organisation’s systems and planning structures so that it becomes part of the way the company functions, day to day. Continuous improvement should have targets and goals set for it just like any other aspect of the business.

In a healthy organisation, there will always be more ideas than the organisation can follow up at one time. This means that structures are needed for choosing which ideas to focus on that will be most beneficial and support the overall strategy.

Building effective systems and procedures for this should not be left to chance but be planned and be adapted to the organisation’s situation.

Training Approach

Our approach to training and developing a continuous improvement culture is based on the latest research.

The principals in Lean Sigma are involved in research at the highest level, in the how to apply Lean Six Sigma in organisations and in how to train people in it. We use leading edge training material. Together they have published several books and papers in management systems and continuous improvement. 


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