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Innovation through Applied Research

We know most organizations in Australia have a vision both to consistently deliver efficient and effective services across all areas and to achieve optimum business outcomes. Our research tells us that successful organizations adopt sustainable continuous improvement practices by:

  • Leadership focus - Developing and deploying strong leaders at all levels
  • Growing capability - Developing the talent and skills of key people in the business and enabling a workforce that is well versed and competent in all facets of continuous improvement
  • Fresh thinking - Applying innovative solutions using the team and listening to voices of the customer and the business
  • Data quality - Ensuring high quality data is collected, made accessible and linked across all IT platforms, leading to good management information, then driving deep understanding and excellent decision making
  • Technology integration - Integrating rapidly changing technology across all platforms and overlaying the latest technology with smart exploratory statistical analysis
  • Robust frameworks - Creating advanced operational, strategic and governance focused frameworks that uncover the trends of the future as well as learning from the performance of the past
  • Professional thinking - Professionally managing the business to build trust, teamwork and long-term success
  • Change resilience - Being ready to embrace continual, significant change to ensure legacy systems and processes are upgraded easily and behaviours that do not serve the organisation are identified and changed to a culture that includes high performing teams and an open and trusting communication flow.

Why choose us?

Four factors set us apart and enable us to deliver “rigorous flexibility”:

  1. Commitment to enduring quality – solutions, processes and capability;
  2. Breadth of experience and depth of expertise – in our partners and network;
  3. Experience in the use of systems with enabling technologies; and
  4. Asking the difficult questions and facilitate our clients finding the answers.

Our core competencies

Focused training and robust certification.

  • Corporate and public training in Lean, Six Sigma, Change and associated skills
  • Certification of individuals and organisations deploying ISO 18404
  • Tailored consulting, advisory, mentoring and coaching services
  • Planning and implementing improvement programs and projects
  • Establishing lasting, fit for purpose structures
  • One on one or team-based support focused on skills application and capability transfer
  • Deep technical knowledge
  • Many years of academic research on all aspects of process improvement
  • Extensive expertise in statistical and financial analysis
  • Access to a wide range of data analysis and data management tools
  • Technology Alliances and Innovation
  • Technology around architecture, business process, optimisation and automation of processes, creation of cloud-platform mobile enabled enterprise applications from legacy integration.

Other information

Lean Sigma Institute is the only training provider in Australia that delivers training and competency assessment that is compliant to the new international standard in Lean Six Sigma, ISO18404. The standard separates competencies into Lean and Six Sigma and, as such, candidates can obtain two qualifications.

The combination of these qualifications is unique since to date there is no recognized qualification as both a Lean practitioner and as a Green or Black Belt. Sometimes projects focus on Lean or Six Sigma, so this can be applied well in most workplaces. Candidates will receive qualifications in both Lean and Six Sigma.

Roger Hilton is an approved assessor for ISO18404, the International Standard in Lean Six Sigma. The approval followed a recommendation of the Chair of the Sector Scheme that developed the standard and was based on his status as Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society since 1983 and Chartered Statistician since 2010. There are no other approved assessors in Australia.

LSI has executives, both partners and associates, who have significant experience in the application of Continuous Improvement and research into what constitutes best practice in the deployment of Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma.

Examples include:

  • on-time project completion
  • matching or surpassing stakeholder expectations
  • sustainable resolution of the problem
  • integrating learnings and feedback into future projects
  • LSI provides statistical software as part of the training with a number of templates that can be used as resources to manage projects. Undertake value stream mapping, create an FMEA and automatically develop a cause & effect diagram following a brainstorming session. LSI works with organisations to establish a consultative, inclusive strategy to deploy and maintain a continuous improvement culture.
  • This is checked through ensuring:
    • all governance processes are in place,
    • there is a process for choosing candidates for training and project leadership,
    • an awareness by all project sponsors as to their responsibilities in the program, and
    • data is reliable and accurate for good data analysis, performance and metrics and communication of same. The success of a Continuous Improvement program is heavily dependent on the business’s readiness for significant change. At the start of any program we carry out a baseline readiness assessment to assess the current state to ensure a successful and measurable outco


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