Dr. Roger Hilton

Founder and CEO

Program Lead & Coach - Operations Excellence and Sustainable Practice

Roger’s strength is in project management and facilitation and in coaching individuals in both qualitative and quantitative techniques. He has had previous senior roles in Quality & Risk Management across a number of sectors and has lectured at graduate levels. 


  • Sustainable Continuous Improvement 
  • Facilitating and Leading Change Management practices
  • Exploratory Data Analysis and Management Decision Making
  • Coaching and Mentoring leaders and senior executives 


  • Extensive experience in continuous improvement in manufacturing supply chain & commercial services
  • Highly skilled at adult training and assessment 
  • Results driven professional with strong organizational change management abilities
  • Strong academic post-graduate and undergraduate lecturing and research experience 
  • Roger has facilitated many improvement projects using Lean Six Sigma and has championed the deployment of continuous improvement in a number of businesses. He spent a number of years in academic research and has published journal articles involving qualitative and quantitative research to develop a model for sustainable deployment of Continuous Improvement. 


Roger’s passion is in creating a culture of sustainable continuous improvement and he believes a necessary condition for this is for everyone to understand more about their subconscious behaviours and patterns.

Key Achievements

  • Project Managed the training and assessment of 600 people in a service organziation in Melbourne
  • Member MBA Advisory Board – LaTrobe University
  • Global Assessor for ISO18404, the new international standard in Lean Six Sigma
  • Beautiful family, wife, children and grand children


  • Doctorate of Business Administration (2013)
  • Master Black Belt (2015)
  • Master of Science (1982)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science – Econometrics and Operations research (1975)
  • Cert IV in Training & Assessment (2013)
  • Chartered Statistician (Royal Statistics Society (UK, 1980)
  • Cert IV in Competitive Manufacturing (2013)    Publications
  • Hilton, R., Balla, M. & Sohal, A. S. (2008). Factors critical to the success of a Six-Sigma quality program in an Australian hospital. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, Vol. 19, No. 9, pp.887-902.
  • Hilton, R. & Sohal, A. (2012). A conceptual model for the successful deployment of Lean Six Sigma. International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 54-70.
  • Hilton, R (2004). Six Sigma Applications in Australia: Performance Impact and implementation strategies in a number of case study companies. In Edited Conference Proceedings for First International Conference on Six Sigma at Glasgow Caledonian University, UK, 16th-17th December 2004
  • Hilton, R. (2010). A conceptual model for the successful deployment of Lean Six Sigma. In: ANZAM, ed. 8th ANZAM Operations, Supply Chain and Services Management Symposium, Sydney, Australia, 6-8 June, 2010 Sydney
  • Hilton, R. (2010). Research into the sustainability of a Lean Six Sigma deployment in Australia – a predictive model. In Proceedings of ISFSAM – World conference in Justice and Sustainability in a Global Economy, Paris, France 8th – 10th July, 2010.


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