Master Black Belt (MBB)

Master Training Coaching

Dr. Roger Hilton conducts the Master Training Coaching at Lean Sigma Institute.

Upgrade your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt qualification to become a leader, trusted advisor and go-to technical expert ready to create significant value to a business for 2020 and beyond.

Our program is a blended learning pathway allowing you to start when you want and manage the course around work commitments.

You’ll have up to 6 months to reach the required competencies under ISO18404 through a combination of online modules, face-to-face coaching and facilitation and creation of a portfolio of project work.

The face-to-face coaching and facilitation modules build on your statistical expertise and develop complementary skills in leadership, systems/design and strategic thinking and risk management.

The objective is for you to build your leadership and facilitation and technical skills to transform your business and add significant value through:

  1. Driving a culture of continuous improvement to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of a business including advising the executive team on building a sustainable and continuous improvement culture whilst playing the role of a trusted advisor on all initiatives, presenting ideas and engaging all stakeholders
  2. Leading strategic, large-scale transformation projects across multiple functions and services by Identifying opportunities to support the business strategy to deliver sustainable business results visually from the shop floor to the Board
  3. Training, coaching and mentoring other Lean Six Sigma specialists
  4. Drawing insights from exploratory analysis of your organisation’s data and systems to improve the customer journey and deliver sustainable business outcomes

The first task for candidates is to complete current and recognised evidence followed by an assessment by the Lean Sigma Institute team led by Dr Roger Hilton of the Lean Expert and Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB) competencies under ISO18404.

There are 18 categories for Lean Expert and 23 categories for Six Sigma ranging across many topics including leadership, change, self-awareness, data analysis, project work, managing people and building competencies and an improvement culture.

The second stage is a plan to fill any gaps in your current competencies to enable you to build your leadership and facilitation and technical skills to become that trusted advisor.

We would love to have a chat to assist in developing plans in becoming a Master Black Belt.


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