Philosophy and Approach

Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Known Frameworks and Academic Research

We use known frameworks and academic research to establish a culture and structure for sustainable continuous improvement. 

Training is necessary

Training at different levels is important to develop the competencies in improvement methods but  is not sufficient for an improvement culture to become sustained.  Sometimes training can even have a negative effect.  Organisations bring in trainers and when they leave, very little is left behind.  People are not given time or resources.  There is no structure in place to ensure that improvement is driven strategically.  This can mean that the people who have done the training get frustrated and leave.

Researched Programs

Lean Sigma Institute has researched sustainability of continuous improvement programs for many years and published on the subject.  This is the basis for our work. 

  • Training in Lean Six Sigma at Yellow, Green, Black Belt and Master Black Belt levels to ISO18404
  • Training in Lean Practititoner, Lean Leader and Lean Expert to ISO18404
  • Training in Lean-Agile-DevOps
  • Coaching and mentoring of Black and Green belts in project work.
  • Consulting and workshops for management in establishing sustainable continuous improvement
  • Coaching in advanced statistics methods to solve specific problems.
  • Assisting organisations in developing the systems and structures which support sustainable improvement (such as Quality Management Systems and pipeline structures).
  • Providing general management, short term support to small and medium sized enterprises in the event of organizational and structural changes.

Experienced Managers and Consultants

As experienced managers and consultants we are comfortable working with people at all levels from the boardroom to the shop floor.We have a strong interest in research and education and aim to promote wider understanding of the methods, tools and techniques of sustainable improvement, through our own research, support for conferences, networks and discussions groups.


Lean Sigma Institute provides the whole range of improvement support, consulting, training and facilitation, to assist organizations achieve World Class levels of performance in their operations.

Change Drivers

For the potential “Change Drivers” in your organisation we provide advanced improvement skills training in Lean Six Sigma to Black, Green, Yellow and White Belt levels to achieve internationally recognized registration as Professional Practitioners.

However, training is not sufficient for an organization to actually achieve World Class levels of performance. There are often internal barriers and limitations that hinder organisations, making them “under-achievers”.

Training and education needs to be carried out within a context of monitored performance that can identify these barriers and deal with them.

Model for Strategic Implementation of Continual Improvement.

A Model for Strategic Implementation of Sustainable Continuous Improvement

​Our background as practitioners, managers and consultants assists us in the role as trainers and facilitators of performance improvement in your organization.

Benefits for the Participants

Successful trainees gain internationally recognized Certificates of competence based on demonstrating their ability to achieve improvement in the workplace.

Benefits for the Organisation

Improvement projects that deliver bottom line value and a skilled, motivated, World Class workforce.

Our Training Approach

Our approach is based on an understanding of your operation so that not only does the training suit your needs but it achieves real improvement benefits and establishes a base for continual improvement into the future.

Our Vision

Long term sustainability for our customers

Our Record

We have developed and delivered training to many tens of businesses and over several thousand individuals in Australia and overseas.


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