Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Pre-requisites for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training are a Certified Yellow Belt or equivalent prior qualifications and experience as assessed prior to start.

The program is based on the body of knowledge under ISO 18404.

Program Structure

2+2 days of workshops

On-line learning (2 Modules) This covers the statistical part of the Body of Knowledge and is supported by workshop sessions.

Project Implementation Support

Applying what you have learnt, to achieve significant benefits for your organisation, demonstrates your competence in the best possible way.

Who Should Attend

This program is for all those who work with or want to work with process improvement projects, such as Operations Managers, Process Improvement Managers and Business Analysts as well as accountants and other specialists.

What You Will Learn

  • Yellow Belt competencies - see under Yellow Belt section
  • Lean Six Sigma concepts in Service
  • DMAIC Methodology and Cases
  • Choosing the right project
  • SIPOC analysis and Turtle Diagrams for process management in service
  • Value Stream Mapping in service
  • Analytical problem-solving
  • Graphics and data analysis tools in service
  • Statistical concepts including process capability, measurement systems analysis,tests of hypothesis, simple experiemtnal design, regression and statistical process control
  • Managing the Change Process – Traps, Analysis tools, Tips and practice
  • Project Team dynamics

What You Will Receive

  • A full set of notes / Reference book
  • On-line learning in the statistical concepts and tools equivalent to 50 hrs instruction (Valued at $390)
  • Powerful Software program for data
    analysis that includes a full set of templates for Lean Six Sigma tools (Valued at $320) 
  • Active project support to successfully complete your first project that is typically worth 20-50+ times the cost of training.
  • A Certificate of Competence in Green Belt LSS on successful completion - the program is compliant to ISO18404.
  • Registration on the Lean Sigma Institute’s Professional Register -
    Register for Free for the Lean Sigma Institute Professional Development Programme.

    Registration with the Lean Sigma Institute is free but on-going professional development is important to maintain respect for LSS professionals and we support them with regular advanced seminars and workshops.

Course Details

Competencies meet international competency requirements for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Venue, Dates & Times

The venue is Room 302, 87 Gladstone Street, South Melbourne VIC 3204 from 9am to 4.30pm each workshop day.

Our trainers usually meet on the Ground Floor at the Cafe called "Jimmy The Saint" for an early morning coffee from about 8am so please join us then.

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Morning tea, light lunches and continuous refreshments.


Green Belt Training Programme: $4,700 plus GST (includes Yellow/Lean Practitioner)

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