ISO 18532 Stats Training

Who Should Come?

It is useful for anyone wanting to delve more into analysing and interpreting large quality data sets, for example, Transactional in the service sector.

Lean Six Sigma practitioners may find it useful to be able to analyse data more efficiently and effectively and be able to translate the output into speak for the C-X level boardrooms.

Compliance to International Standards

  • The program is compliant to the ISO standard ISO18532.

About the presenters

  • A few decades ago Neil and Roger were industrial statisticians with ICI Explosives (now Orica) with Neil moving into Tertiary education as an Associate Professor and how runs a stats consultancy business, Esquant Statistical Services and Roger moved in Risk and Quality Management and now runs Lean Sigma Institute.


The program starts on the 2nd November and runs every Friday until the 7th of December.


 It will only be in Melbourne this time but next year will be held in all Eastern States – Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


 Workshop one-day fee The cost is $850 plus GST per one-day workshop and $4,250 plus GST for all six workshops.

Contact Us

Neil and I would love to hear from you and your interest in the program. If you'd like to know more about the workshops please contact me on or 0411040554,

Places are limited to 8.


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