Lean Agile DevOps - ISO 18404 Compliant Training

Lean Agile DevOps

Lean Agile DevOps is an approach to deliver value to the customer as rapidly as possible, with the least amount of waste.

The diagram below highlights Agile Development receiving items from the product backlog, rapidly creating value and then passing it into the DevOps “machine” on a logical conveyor belt.

Automation will deploy the changes to required environments as soon as it passes validation. Under the covers, the functional, socialisation and security testing is also automated for the required amount of testing to ensure target quality has been achieved.

Any defects are fed back to the beginning to be prioritised for repair.

Ideally customer value is delivered, from concept to realisation, with the least amount of waiting, costs and with the right level of quality.

For more information please  Email  Dr. Roger Hilton

Lean Agile DevOps Flow Diagram - Lean Sigma Institute


 For more information please  Email  Dr. Roger Hilton


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